The Gold Corner

Meet Joel Ojeda from El Paso, Tx.
Joel has worked in the medical field since 2002 and currently works as a nurse in ophthalmology surgery. When Joel is not in the clinic you can find him in the ring. Joel is a Mixed Martial Arts referee and is known as the “Ref.”
In September 2017, Joel’s only child Mia was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of 2. After a 10 month battle, Mia passed away on July 5th 2018.
Two years after Mia passed, Joel created a YouTube channel called The Gold Corner. The Gold Corner is dedicated to spreading childhood cancer awareness and is platform where parents can share their warrior’s story and find support.   The Gold Corner has evolved and currently has a support group on Facebook.  You can find the childhood cancer support group under “The Gold Corner.”

Living with Scanxiety

Rosaria is an activist, blogger and podcaster. Rosaria’s son, Brody, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was 23 months old. He suffered through numerous scans, infusions, and more before he lost his battle at the age of 3 in 2015. During his fight, Rosaria felt lost and had difficulty connecting to therapists who did not fully understand her situation.

Rosaria created the Living with Scanxiety Podcast, to help connect with people who have experienced what it’s like to go through childhood cancer and understands the anxiety and heartache that this journey brings.

The Living with Scanxiety Podcast, shares stories of guests ranging from bereaved parents or family members, parents or family members of survivors, survivors, doctors, and social workers.

The Wish Kids


“Milan and Matthew are survivors! Both of them were diagnosed with life threatening diseases at a young age but have persevered, living their lives to the fullest and loving every moment! They’ve been through a lot and are excited to share their stories and perspectives with others.

The Wish Kids is a podcast that highlights experiences and life from a sick kids point of view. We hope to connect with everyone, especially those who may also be in a similar situation as Milan and Matthew once were.

On this show we talk about our everyday lives, growing up with life threatening medical conditions, how to balance hospital life and social life, foods to eat, shows to watch, music to listen to, and bad jokes to tell to your friends.

The Wish Kids is a great place to feel understood and connected, while also offering advice, entertainment, and movie and music suggestions.”

Making Cancer Fun

Making Cancer Fun is the go-to resource for families facing childhood cancer. It offers practical ideas, tools and tips for parents interwoven with a personal story of resiliency and hope. Additionally, each chapter contains interactive workbook pages for parents, designed to meet the individual needs of their child. Get ready for a new cancer conversation!