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Show Your Gold

Show Your Gold Because
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What Is Show Your Gold?

We are bridging the gap for pediatric cancer with a national awareness campaign bringing together pediatric cancer charities, businesses and communities across the USA.  This collaborative grassroots effort began in 2021 as a national social media campaign that educates and highlights kids cancer charities while introducing philanthropic businesses to our pediatric cancer community and the larger social media audience. 


What Is This?

During the month of September we will work together to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer and the missions of grassroots pediatric cancer charities, while collectively sharing, posting & highlighting all of the businesses and communities who have joined in this campaign. 


How Does Show Your Gold Help?

Last year (our first year) we raised over $7500 that was distributed to the participating pediatric cancer charities. These pediatric cancer charities are supporting cancer families directly with programs that are essential to navigating pediatric cancer.

All proceeds from the Show Your Gold Campaign will benefit 14 grassroots charities directly impacting pediatric cancer families.

Please make donation check payable to:

 The Honeysuckle Foundation P.O. Box 1491 Melville, New York 11747


Join Us in 2022

September is just around the corner! We are thrilled to announce we have met our GOAL and all the charity spots have been filled. 

All proceeds from the month-long campaign support the Show Your Gold Charities and their programs that directly support pediatric cancer families. 


Growing a community takes time and effort. We want to encourage your charity to be a part of Bridges of Gold and the Show Your Gold Initiative in 2023. Please fill out the charity form below and we will connect with you. 


Make your business extraordinary when you
show your gold for kids with cancer in September

Join us every September as we fight to make a difference in the lives of children fighting pediatric cancer!  Our efforts will not only provide resources to children battling today but will also help children who will fight this battle in the future.

Through a donation, a dedicated sale, or a Show Your Gold event your business can join us in the fight against childhood cancer. 

Contact us! We’d love to discuss any way you can help!



Get Involved! You too can participate and Show Your Gold. Hold an event by yourself, or rally your friends and family to spotlight pediatric cancer and raise money to support grassroots charity programs that are directly impacting cancer families TODAY!

How You Can Help

Remember these are just a few ideas. We want you to get creative! There is no event too big or small. All of your support and commitment to pediatric cancer makes an impact.

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Show Your Gold 2022 is a collaborative event presented by Bridges of Gold and The Honeysuckle Foundation.

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