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Our Vision

Through voice, partnerships and accessibility we are working to empower and build the childhood cancer community.

Stronger Together

Our Story


More than likely if you are reading this your child, or a child you know has been diagnosed with cancer. For that we are truly sorry. We understand what you may be feeling, thinking and asking, because we have been there. Bridges of Gold is here to help connect your family with childhood cancer service providers.  We wish this website was available when our daughter Lucy was diagnosed in November 2017.

Progressing through the treatment plan relies on the support from medical professionals. Other types of support throughout this journey come from family, friends, community and non-profit service providers for children with cancer.  Engaging with friends and family is second nature, however locating and communicating with various non-profit service providers can be overwhelming.

Bridges of Gold is an informational website that allows families who are navigating childhood cancer to find and access resources more efficiently. The resource directory presents non-profit service providers by state, and area of service. This gives families the information, and confidence,
they need to contact organizations that provide direct support, experiences or financial assistance.

We encourage you to navigate through the resource directory and check out the additional support links on our website. There are many  services that are currently available to your family. The non-profit service providers for children with cancer address different needs and types of cancer in specific locations. Our website helps navigate the list of opportunities and helps direct families to the most relevant resources.

Depending where you are in your journey, you may be living moment to moment and are not ready to reach out to non-profit service providers for children with cancer. Simply bookmark Bridges of Gold and visit this website at a more appropriate time.


In considering the business structure for Bridges of Gold, we evaluated the merits of a sole proprietorship and a non-profit organization. We became a sole proprietorship to focus resources and energy working with families rather than administrating a non-profit organization. Bridges of Gold is supported through paid memberships for childhood cancer journey service providers and personal / business contributions.

Financial contributions will be used to maintain the Bridges of Gold website, continuing outreach with organizations and hospitals serving families of children with childhood cancer, and underwriting other programs and services.